About Me


  • Birthday: September 16. I'm a flower child. Childhood crushes: Davy Jones, David Cassidy, and Bob Dylan. 

  • Where I grew up: Kennebunk Beach,  Kennebunkport, Maine. My family was in the hotel business and I loved growing up in that world. Mysterious people from away left me curious to know their stories... All fuel for later books.
  • School: It took 3 high schools to graduate. Like a magic trick, the third one was the charm. The teen years were hard for me and everyone that loved me.  It must be why I write stories for the YA world. It's compelling material, this time of life. 
  • Things you might not know about me: I lived in Norway for a year and speak Norwegian, I am a certified archery instructor, I play guitar and had (have) a fantasy of being a rock and roll singer, I love to forage for wild foods, ferment, make my own medicines.
  • Family: My mother is my biggest influence. She's a writer, teacher, and creator of beautiful things. My sister is a designer and writer, and my brother is a musician and writer. My father's love of dark and spooky books had a profound effect on me. Consequently, In my writing, I find my characters confronting their two worlds,  the light and the dark.
  • My home: I live on the Maine coast with my husband where I garden, hike, ski, cook, and write. I have two grown sons who continue to amaze me with their creative abilities.